A new way to brew from Tea Noir: Alchemy!

Making tea is not unlike making magic – or, more specifically, like the alchemy of old. You stand over a cauldron (or a tripod bowl, or a large steel mixing bowl…) and carefully tip in strange herbs and spices, sniffing here, stirring there. You brew up a cup, adjust, and try again. Eventually, you come up with a potion that’s perfect for your needs.

Here at Tea Noir, we’re constantly thinking of new brews, new potions, new flavour and scent combinations that excite all our senses. But there’s never enough time to try them all, and attempting to put hundreds of ideas into regular product rotation – well, this way lies madness.

Thus, Alchemy.

We’ll bring you one Tea Noir: Alchemy potion every other month. These exclusive, exquisite, limited-edition teas will only be available loose-leaf, and only for two months – and they’ll be available at a special price, to boot. At the end of that two-month span, the teas will be archived; you can look, but you can’t brew.

Of course, if a certain Alchemy tea becomes a real hit, and we get lots of requests, we might bring it back for an encore presentation, or even consider putting it into regular rotation. But for the most part, Alchemy teas will be blended for two months alone.

Get ready to experience tea in a whole new way!