Cookiefest Day 6: Swedish Coconut Cookies and Bangkok

Today, we’re going for an East-Meets-West fusion theme (Swedish and Thai!), brought together by a taste that people tend to either love or hate: coconut. Personally, I love it, and I think it works equally well in sweet and savoury contexts. I mean, c’mon, Thai coconut curry? Yum! Butter cookies, too, lend themselves wonderfully to […]

Cookiefest Day 5: Cashew Gingersnaps and Maltese Falcon

It’s ginger, baby! Warm, spicy, comforting, crazy ginger. It can be exotic – turning up in Thai or Indian food, or with gorgeous little golden crystallized nuggets in chocolates – or completely homey; I mean, who doesn’t have fond gingersnap memories from childhood? This twist on gingersnaps, studded with cashews, is a great way to […]

Cookiefest Day 1: Orange Oatmeal and Cosmo

Welcome to Cookiefest: Day 1 – Orange Oatmeal Cookies! I’ll admit it; I’m on SparkPeople. It’s a great way to log my eating habits each day, and it keeps me accountable for remembering to go to the gym, too. But sometimes you also get nice little emails with recipes and tips, including the current spate […]


I hope she's not about to beat that dough with the rolling pin. She looks a little...edgy.

This time of year, it seems like food, eating, baking, and more are on everyone’s minds. My own inbox is flooded with “cookie of the day” and “12 Days of Cookies” mailers, and I have this insatiable urge to just bake all the things. With that in mind, I’ve decided to go on a virtual cookiefest, […]


Well, don't come IN. Your computer screen wouldn't like it.

And just like that, Tea Noir is now (re)open for business! Just like always, we’re committed to bringing you the best, tastiest, most awesome tea blends out there, and rocking your socks off with new spins on traditional brews as well. Settle in and grab a cuppa – and let us know what you think, […]

Ready to roll

Well, here we go! After a very long hiatus, Tea Noir is back and better than ever! We’ve moved into the new Tea Lab, we’ve redesigned our packaging, and we’re working on fabulous new blends that we can’t wait to introduce. It’s been a long road, but our caffeine levels are now fully charged, and […]

Welcome to the Tea Lab!

Welcome to the Tea Lab, the home of Tea Noir’s research and development, along with any and all of our Tea Mistress’s random thoughts and musings. Join us for news, updates, cool articles, and more!