Lush is a rich, almost melodramatic black tea – a real showstopper blending dark chocolate with luscious lavender for aromatherapy in a cup.



Get your chocolate fix with a luscious floral twist!

Lush takes premium Yunnan black tea and infuses it with the luscious essence of dark chocolate, then adds a hit of aromatic, delicious lavender – this brew is practically aromatherapy in a cup. With cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate adding to the blend, you’ll be overwhelmed by this treat – in a good way.  The chocolate chunks melt down as you brew this blend, infusing your tea with a heady aroma and that to-die-for chocolate taste.

Lush is a rich, almost melodramatic tea – a real showstopper. The lavender ups the ante on the chocolate, making it taste richer and darker, while giving it a clean finish. This blend is wonderful straight, but it’s also good with sugar and cream. Or how about trying it with a squirt of chocolate syrup?

Keep in mind when brewing Lush that the cocoa powder and chocolate chunks will make the final cup a little bit cloudy – that’s perfectly normal! Just stir it up and enjoy.


Flavor Profile

Extremely aromatic and bold, floral with a sweet chocolate finish.


Brew with boiling water (212F/100C) for 3-5 minutes. Pairs well with sugar and cream, or chocolate syrup.


Yunnan black tea, lavender, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, natural flavours. Contains milk and soy.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs

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