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Cookiefest Day 14: Sesame Cookies and Juicy

Cookies don’t always have to be overly sweet. In fact, sometimes, a balance between sweet and savoury/salty is the best – it feels like you can eat more cookies that way! And maybe sneak some in as a snack, or with breakfast, or…yeah, you get the picture. These sesame cookies are an offbeat Italian tradition, […]

Cookiefest Day 7: Maple-Walnut Bars with Backwoods

You know, I don’t even have to explain this one. Maple-walnut bars with maple-walnut tea. Duh. Our work here is done. And deliciously maple-y. Maple-Walnut Bars from Real Simple Ingredients: For the crust 1/2 cup (1 stick) cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces, plus more for the baking pan 1 1/2 cups cups all-purpose flour, […]

Cookiefest Day 6: Swedish Coconut Cookies and Bangkok

Today, we’re going for an East-Meets-West fusion theme (Swedish and Thai!), brought together by a taste that people tend to either love or hate: coconut. Personally, I love it, and I think it works equally well in sweet and savoury contexts. I mean, c’mon, Thai coconut curry? Yum! Butter cookies, too, lend themselves wonderfully to […]

Cookiefest Day 5: Cashew Gingersnaps and Maltese Falcon

It’s ginger, baby! Warm, spicy, comforting, crazy ginger. It can be exotic – turning up in Thai or Indian food, or with gorgeous little golden crystallized nuggets in chocolates – or completely homey; I mean, who doesn’t have fond gingersnap memories from childhood? This twist on gingersnaps, studded with cashews, is a great way to […]