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Is organic overrated?

Recipe.com isn’t just for cooking ideas – it also has some really interesting blogs. One topic that came up around Earth Day earlier this week particularly caught my attention. Is organic overrated? According to a new report, most Americans think that “organic” is just an excuse to charge more. However, 55% of those polled think […]

Crazy snowstorm preparations

What is it about snowstorms that makes people go crazy? You’d think that, living in the Northeast, people would get used to the concept of snow. After all, it happens nearly every year, multiple times per year, and most people have hats, coats, boots, and a shovel, if not a snowblower, plow, snow tires, etc. […]

Winter Slowdown

Winter has finally, officially struck Southern Vermont. In yesterday’s snowstorm, we got about 9 inches in town, and a bit over a foot just north into the mountains. There was hardly anyone out on the roads or at the shops, and it seemed like this “little dusting” by Vermont standards scared the heck out of […]