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Recipe Time: Honey-Bourbon-Tarragon Steak

As much as we love cooking with tea around the Tealab, we also have to confess an undying admiration for booze. The Tea Mistress has actually written a booze-based cookbook that she’s shopping around, and she has a tendency to combine her love for food with her love for liquor on a regular basis. Naturally, […]

Recipe Time: Sweet Spiced Lentils

Ordinarily, lentils are a savoury food – they’re a delicious, fast way to get protein on a Meatless Monday or if you’re just in the mood for some Indian-inspired chow. So it was sort of exciting to stumble across this recipe for sweet spiced lentils – made with rooibos for added flavour, no less! With […]

Tea Tipples: Spring Sparkler

While the nearest Whole Foods is…wow, almost two hours away…we still have a tendency to go to their website on a regular basis. Why? Because they have neat stuff there! Like recipes! And, of course, what with it finally starting to warm up here in Vermont, we’re in the mood for things that enhance that […]

Recipe Time: Yerba Maté Marinated Sirloin Tips

  Oftentimes, when we think about cooking with tea, all that comes to mind is baked goods. There’s so much more you can do, though, and so we were really excited to find a recipe for a tea-marinated beef dish from Whole Foods. With a little tweaking, Tea Noir-style, it makes a heck of a […]

Recipe Time: Tea-Spiced Nuts

Valentine’s Day is upon us! Well, nearly. And for many folks, that means going out and finding some delightful little treats to lavish upon their sweetie. The traditional goodies – chocolates of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions – might be more expensive this year than last, though…and that trend is looking to continue. While many […]

Cookiefest Day 14: Sesame Cookies and Juicy

Cookies don’t always have to be overly sweet. In fact, sometimes, a balance between sweet and savoury/salty is the best – it feels like you can eat more cookies that way! And maybe sneak some in as a snack, or with breakfast, or…yeah, you get the picture. These sesame cookies are an offbeat Italian tradition, […]