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Tea Tips: Rooibos facial toner

Tea is great for you in so many ways – and so are tisanes. Of course, we drink various infusions for how good they taste and for how they warm us inside and out, but you can use your stash in dozens of different ways that have nothing to do with drinking! From household chores […]

National Hot Tea Month

How the hell did we almost miss that January is National Hot Tea Month? Answer: Because there’s a holiday for friggin’ everything, and we were too busy celebrating National Penguin Awareness Day (Jan. 20) and then got really distracted by the festivities on Beer Can Appreciation Day (Jan. 24). But it IS National Hot Tea Month! So […]

Managing a Cold

There’s so much more to tea and tisanes than just tasty beverages. We’ve all heard about how drinking tea is great for your blood pressure, heart health, and more, and certainly a nice cuppa can be a great stress-reliever. But did you know that many teas and tisanes – and not just funky-tasting herbal concoctions […]