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Tea Tipples: Five O’Clock Tea

You know you’ve been missing your tea cocktails! Oh, sure, you’ve probably been drinking plenty even without our little guide to mixing your two favourite liquids, but come on, let’s be honest – it’s nice to get some ideas from other sources so you don’t have to think when it comes to blending great tastes […]

Tea Tipples: Spring Sparkler

While the nearest Whole Foods is…wow, almost two hours away…we still have a tendency to go to their website on a regular basis. Why? Because they have neat stuff there! Like recipes! And, of course, what with it finally starting to warm up here in Vermont, we’re in the mood for things that enhance that […]

Tea Tipples: Black Hills Gold

Recently, we stumbled across a Serious Eats reconstruction of a cocktail from Pops for Champagne in Chicago that sounded right up our alley: spicy ginger tea with fruity booze. Yes, please! Of course, instead of using a bag of ginger tea, we’d recommend brewing a strong cup of Maltese Falcon ginger for an extra kick, […]

Tea Tipples: Lychee Kiss

In case you hadn’t figured it out, we here at Tea Noir like our cocktails. After all, we have an entire Cocktail Collection of teas inspired by some of our favourite boozy concoctions. That way, you can enjoy all the flavours of, say, a mojito while at work – without risking having the boss catch […]